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Common Uses for Excavators

An excavator, or digger, is a type of equipment used to dig and move earth. The machine is a combination of a platform with a cab or canopy set on tracks or wheels, a stationary or articulating boom with a digging bucket, an engine, and a hydraulic system to operate the equipment. Excavators are used across many industries. These machines range in size from the smaller micro excavators, used primarily on sites where space is limited, to the larger heavy-tracked excavators built to do the toughest of digging jobs. Budgetexcavatorrental.com brings you an overview of how excavators are commonly used, as well as excavator rental pricing charts, so you can choose the excavator that will best suit your project.

Landscaping Companies

Micro and mini excavators are optimally sized for landscaping companies. From digging a small pond in a residential neighborhood, to prepping for landscape materials on a commercial site, an excavator can get the job done in an expedient manner.

Typical uses for an excavator by a landscaper might include:

  • Preparation for and installation of water features
  • Planting trees
  • Grading land to avoid contaminant run-off
  • Excavating soil, rock, and sand
  • Demoing existing hardscapes, such as concrete block walls
SizeDaily RateWeekly RateMonthly Rate
Mini – 2000 lb Operating Weight $190 $525 $1427
Mini – 3500 lb Operating Weight $235 $694 $1933
Mini – 7500 lb Operating Weight $306 $975 $2382

Utility Corporations

Cable, electric, and phone companies are typically working very close to buildings, landscaping, and other utilities during an install. Using a small excavator with a zero or minimal turning ratio to perform trenching and worksite prep helps to avoid unnecessary manual labor in tight spaces.

Common uses among utility providers include:

  • Digging trenches for fiber optic or electrical line
  • Clearing worksites prior to utility installation
  • Excavating in extremely tight quarters
SizeDaily RateWeekly RateMonthly Rate
Mini – 9500 lb Operating Weight $364 $1040 $2661
Small – 13,000 lb Operating Weight $401 $1305 $2862
Small – 16,000 lb Operating Weight $436 $1461 $2944

Construction Businesses

From residential builders to larger corporations, construction companies use excavators for a wide array of jobs. The versatility of an excavator means that its use will never fade, particularly in this industry.

Construction companies may use excavators for:

  • Foundation excavations
  • Demolition of existing buildings
  • Lifting and moving materials
  • Septic tank installations
SizeDaily RateWeekly RateMonthly Rate
Mid – 34,000 lb Operating Weight $515 $1791 $4161
Mid – 49,000 lb Operating Weight $603 $2388 $5910
Large – 85,000 lb Operating Weight $1001 $3302 $9606

Quarry and Mining Industries

Businesses in the mining and quarry industries need large machines that can work quickly and accurately. There is no room or time for mistakes within this field. Excavators serve a broad purpose in this line of work.

On a typical quarry or mining site, an excavator will be seen:

  • Digging and relocation sand, gravel, and silt
  • Being used for coal reclamation
  • Mining for clay
SizeDaily RateWeekly RateMonthly Rate
Large – 88,000 lb Operating Weight $1285 $3455 $8505
Large – 105,600 lb Operating Weight $1460 $4122 $11,984
Large – 225,000 lb Operating Weight $2561 $9672 $25,413

Other Mid and Large-Scale Excavators Uses

There is really no limit in what an excavator could be useful for, but some fields will use this type of equipment more than others.

Mid and large excavation equipment can be found:

  • Dredging rivers
  • Digging and grading road construction projects
  • Shifting scrap in metal yards
SizeDaily RateWeekly RateMonthly Rate
Mid – 39,000 lb Operating Weight $602 $1811 $5141
Large – 59,000 lb Operating Weight $814 $3256 $7280
Large – 72,752 lb Operating Weight $1102 $3212 $8360

Budgetexcavatorrental.com understands that you need to produce high-quality work in a short span of time. Choose an excavator that meets your industry needs and watch your jobsite production increase.